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Bondi line knowledge
2018-09-26 16:17

The Bondi line is made of nylon thread and low melting point, and then bonded。 It has soft and special bonding options。 The special bonding product can provide stronger wear resistance and protection, regardless of softness。 Both of the extremely strong adhesive properties are highly lubricated to ensure maximum sewing performance in everyday high-speed sewing processes。 In addition to the characteristics of ordinary nylon thread, it also has the advantages of high tensile strength, good wear resistance, small shrinkage rate, difficulty in jumping needles and broken wires, no deterioration of elasticity due to long-term preservation, moderate stitching, etc。 2。 Bondi line passes special After treatment, it can be made of waterproof material, suitable for rain gear, windsurfing sac, leather furniture, luggage, parachute, diving suit, unique waterproof effect and good waterproof effect。

     Now the market of the Bondi line is constantly expanding and the competitiveness of the market is becoming more and more fierce. Many industries are using the Bondi line, and the demand is large, but the requirements for the line are also very strict, and we are constantly improving. Product quality, and production.





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