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Dear customers:

Do you have any questions that we need to help solve? You can fill in your contact details and questions. In our online message section, we can also contact our customer service staff by telephone or consult our customer service online. We hope you can tell us in detail about your construction method, adhesive materials, product application environment and other requirements, so that we can accurately recommend to you the most suitable, cost-effective. Velcro products. We are convinced that only the products that meet the needs are the real products, and the manufacturers that can solve the problems are the real sellers.

We are committed to making your life easier and more intelligent.

(1) the way to contact us:
Scenario 1: you can
Our website "contact us" column correctly fill in the relevant information you need to leave messages.
Scenario 2: in our company's official website home page column, through online QQ contact our customer service department related personnel.

Please fill in the relevant information correctly so that we can serve you better。 If you have any good suggestions, you can also send them to us in such a way。 For better service, please call customer service hotline:0752-2834856





All products can be customized according to the needs of customers.

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